In English

I was born in Eno (Joensuu), eastern Finland and I work and live in the city of Tampere.

I graduated from Pirkanmaa arts and crafts insitute in 2003 as a metalartisan and started my own business in 2006.

As I was in school, Finland changed its old currency, Finnish marks into euros, and I wondered where all the metal used in the coins would go. I collected some and a few years later the idea had developed to its full. Now I’ve gotten to know a collector who delivers me the coins I need if I don’t have them in store. With my jewellery the coins have in a way returned to their origin; in the early days man carried his wealth aroud in his necklace.

As I look for inspiration, the beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. I’m showing people what I see, jewellery in everyday items. I try to use the techinques I learned in school in every piece of jewellery I make. I don’t want to make overly easy choices in designing but I also want the jewellery to state its origin.